Real Naija Ladies of Dallas is the first ever reality series about Africans in the United States. It follows the lives of six successful millennial businesswomen in Dallas TX USA as they give an insight into how it feels to be an African girl boss. Friendships are tested, allies formed and loyalties tried. You have never seen anything like this ever! Fashion, style, glam and more. You know what they say, when women come together magic happens.


Jennifer Mairo

Jennifer Mairo is known as the ‘clout queen” amongst Africans especially in DFW. Born royalty, a princess from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, her father is also one of the prominent voices  in Nigerian politics. Simply put, she has the connections. Jennifer is the quintessential overachiever. Married at 20, mother to 3 children, a husband of 13 years. At only 32, she seems to have it all. An overt feminist, all round entrepreneur and businesswoman, Jennifer finds joy in charity work and would often come across as intimidating or proud to some.  If you want to penetrate the African community in the United States or want to break media grounds in Nigeria, Jennifer is your girl. Jovial, funny and extremely playful. A boss in the boardroom and a down girl in the streets. Don't let her kindness fool you, Jennifer will cut ties at the slightest sign of disloyalty.

Ms Nabou

Sainabou Manneh popularly known as Ms Nabou hails from The Gambia. At 30, Nabou is the face of African Nightlife in the DFW area. Managing huge events like the Afrimma Awards, promoting popular artists like Davido and Wizkid when they visit Dallas and running her own bartending business called Noire Agency. These days she sells Planoire Margarita her self made alcoholic beverage that she is now working to legally distribute. Nabou has a very strong presence in the African community in Dallas. At age 14 she was involved in a ghastly accident of which she almost lost her life that deformed her left hand. Nabou says that she rose from that situation to show other young women that they can rise above their circumstances.. Constantly struggling in relationships due to her involvement in night life, Nabou agrees with Jennifer that African men are intimidated by her and her success. Nabou is ready to date outside the African race. She is  heavily involved in the entertainment industry hosting the hottest parties with celebrity guests. Former host of the Jollof Pot radio show which put her in contact with a lot of movers and shakers in the Afrobeat industry.

Ije Kimora

Sexy, bougie with an authentic African booty, Ije Kimora will have you taking a second look when she walks in. Very high maintenance, often dripping in rolexes and luxury purses, there are no days off for this singer and actress. Think Erica Jayne from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Ije believes that she can do anything she sets her mind to. She is an extreme lover of detail and will say that which everyone else is thinking but probably too uncomfortable to say. Ibo Barbie, with her over the top nature, flamboyant outfits, sparkly nails and fun character. A musician and TV host, hit single “shakara” almost broke Nigerian twitter. Ije is waiting on her album and some music videos.

Dr. Oyinkan

Dr O as she is popularly called holds multiple degrees but most recently a doctorate of philosophy and humanities and does not hesitate to remind people that there is a Dr. in front of her name. Aggressively involved in her founded Honeydrops foundation that fights against domestic violence in the community. Why honeydrops is different? It sets to involve men in the conversation against domestic violence and not isolate the. Owner of HDPro Global a spa and beauty bar, Dr O offers services ranging from microblading to cool sculpting etc. Mom to three boys, Oyinkan believes that this is the time a for her to focus on the boys and her business.

Do not let her small stature and christianity fool you, she is no push over and she will give the fastest responses while staying calm and collected.  Check her out in Season 3

Nancy O

Nancy is the fashion stylist and enthusiast. Her company Glo Styles helps people find and love their selves through fashion. Nancy has worked with celebrities like Ice Prince, and all the ladies from Real Naija Ladies of Dallas. She is not a lady of too many words but she is not to be undermined. Her creative genius shows up at every turn. The ladies are always trying to hook Nancy up to someone for  marriage but she believes that when its time the right man will come.

Nancy produces fashion shows and photoshoots year round in Dallas and across the country. She wants everyone she works with  to glo baby glo!


Not Nigerian or African, Chanel is very connected with the African community in Dallas and says our struggles are similar. Chanel's family are also immigrants from the islands and she is dating one of Nigeria's most eligible bachelors in Dallas,  Zleem (recording artist) hence her connection to the group. Chanel would like the world to end judgement or discrimination.  Chanel is model, make up artist and also a singer/performer. She loves the arts and would like to use it to promote inclusivity. A lady of few words, Chanel will be quiet until she is tried. Watch out for Chanel in Season 3.