The PEF is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization with principal offices in Dallas, TX USA founded by Jennifer Mairo in 2009 to help single moms, divorced women, widows and their children in Africa.


The Pamela Erere foundation (PEF), was named after her late older sister Pamela Ereremena Emerhana who before her premature demise had a passion for helping others.


Some of the areas of of concentration include, Healthcare, basic amenities (food, clothing), education, mentorship programs, child marriage combat awareness etc

What we do

A portion from Real Naija Ladies of Dallas and book sales from Jennifer Mairo go towards the PEF Foundation. In 2018, the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas released a PSA advising women to embrace their flaws and draw strenght from those insecurities in pursuit of their purpose.
In 2019 for International Womens Day, The PEF in partnership with the Real Naija ladies again came together for a peaceful protest against child marriages and female genital mutilation in African girls and women.

Jennifer Mairo Mentorship Program

The Jennifer Mairo Mentorship Program (JMMP) is powered by the Pamela Erere Foundation where Jennifer has created an individualized unconventional, aggressive, hands on mentorship approach where she guides mostly (but not limited to) young people, providing them with all they need to know to start and manage their businesses. Additionally Jennifer connects these entrepreneurs to her friends and colleagues in various industries /sectors who have specific industry based tools to guide them and help them succeed. Some of these professionals have decade long experiences in their field and would cost a fortune otherwise. Mentees must be serious minded and ready to learn what it takes to succeed in their fields. In order to become a mentee, one must meet certain criteria. Please fill form in the “Contact Me” or “Masterclass” pages specifically stating you would like to enter into the Jennifer Mairo Mentorship Program to be considered. This is the first step in the process. Spaces are limited and different options are offered under this program

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