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screwitbuy “This story depicts resiliance, unconditional love, family and determination – all much needed themes in a reality TV world torn byalienation & violence.” New York Times Bestselling Author
Enitan Bereola

Screw it. Go Ahead and Quit Cold Turkey” is the enthralling story of awoman who had her share of a husbands’ bad behavior. When Mariammet Muttallab she thought she had met the man of her dreams and agift from God to her. She was certain that she had met the father of herchildren but she was wrong because this man had an ulterior motiveand wanted to marry her for a specifi c reason. One after the other all hisplans begin to unveil and Mariam soon knew he was a wolf in sheep’sclothing. This story shows the sufferings of a woman who would doanything to protect her marriage but when she saw that it was too muchand couldn’t take it anymore, she………………….

missinde-buy Women are constantly faced with rules, laws, morals, values,expectations and commitment. The woman seems toscream aloud and yet no one seems to hear her voice.“MISS INDEPENDENT, MISUNDERSTOOD” reassures the womanthat she is not alone. A book that highlights ten true life stories aboutten real couples showing the travails of a woman as a mother, wife,partner, and career person as well the challenges that her relationshipfaces. This book touches on the topics that we all know but never pauseto talk about. Moreso, it gives her a couple of guidelines to follow andcertain things that needs to be changed about how she sees herself.“There is a difference between supporting your man and being the man”.Jennifer Mairo Akporehe.