Hi guys, forgive me. I have received every single email from you guys and I am flattered and beyond happy that you guys missed me. You almost don’t know how many readers visit your blog until you are absent for a while. I was in Nigeria visiting my family, most of you already know this based on my posts, tweets etc. However I had no luck with internet out there. I mean there was internet connection but it was almost like I was jinxed. From my laptop to phones and even my charger got misplaced. I decided to let it be.
I have so much to tell you guys about my trip but I will make posts at intervals to do so. In this post I am highlighting my amazing interview with the gorgeous Edak Willie. I talked about everything from The Pamela Erere Foundation (PEF), my career as an author, my blog and everything else. She is an amazing interviewer. Everyone on set was amazing and beyond gracious. The Edak Willie show airs on Silverbird Television every Wednesday at 11am. I will let you guys know exactly when my particular episode airs. My African peeps, make sure you tune in to the show , you’ll love it. A picture of me and the host below