J-Mairo Footwear is an African inspired bespoke luxury shoe line with style and comfort at its hem. It boasts of unique male and female designs to “juj up” any outfit. Highly lighting the African ankara fabric and cowries attached to each footwear reminds the wearer Africa’s authenticity, heritage and riches but you do not have to be African to wear one.
J Mairo Footwear is currently available in five colors; black, red, orange, purple and green in all sizes for both male and female. The great thing about this line is that we provide you with a few Ankara options after your order is placed and we custom make the shoe with the Ankara of choice. No other shoe brand can provide such curated quality and style. Brand owner Jennifer Mairo named each shoe after some of the most influential women in her in her life including her mother, grandmother, aunties and sisters. This shoes the intention and detail behind each shoe. All shoes can be made in full shoe or half shoe form evn though website may not show all images. Shoes take an average of 21 days to be delivered as they are handmade to order. What are you waiting for? Order yours now!
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