‘Gidi Up” I Can Finally Front To My Yankee Friends About A Nigerian Series


If you follow me on twitter you have probably already seen my tweets about this show and how addicted I am to it. I am particularly in love with the actor Deyemi Okolanwon who plays Tokunbo. Many of you have told me to leave the crush alone but it’s really not that. I am just super impressed that Nigeria has such talent and we are being allowed to have access to it. Of course I die for OC Ukejie, but I knew him before and wasn’t surprised by the perfection that showed on film, but Deyemi? He I didn’t know.
We can’t give all the kudos to the actors though. The overall production of the show is magical and I don’t think Nigeria has seen anything like it. I honestly think it’s a little ‘abroadish” which means that the lines, concept, idea etc. are not quintessentially Nigerian. Rightfully so though. These young people are entrepreneurs trying to make something of their lives in LAGOS!. The Lagos scene is pretty much abroadish nowadays so , i guess it works out.
Overall, I am alive today because of ‘Gidi Up’. Not even fronting. I live !!!!!!! This is a must watch. I have seen all of season 1 and most of season 2 on youtube. The Ndani website has it too but here’s the link.
You can send me a money order for my services later. Send me your feedback and see a photo of my boo in my head, Deyemi. Below. yasss!!!


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