The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

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Hi guys, it’s Friday and can i just say I m super excited for the weekend. Lots of fun stuff planned both for work and play.
The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. hmmmmmm! I needed a deep breadth before continuing.
So, everyone I knew seemed to have read this book but me. In fact, whenever matchmakers or marriage counselors tried to make a point about love, compatibility etc. in any relationship, they referred to this book. I almost felt like I was doing myself a disservice by not having read this book, and can i tell you- I WAS!
When my colleague waved it around in the office yesterday and said ” does anyone want to read this book, I guarantee it’s a must read”. Without knowing what book it was, being who I am (reader, learning fanatic and research guru) I volunteered to be the first to read it. I even promised bringing it back on Monday ( read the book in 3 days). They all looked at me like it was impossible to accomplish but after reading every novel I have ever read in two days (except when I had to do other important stuff), I knew that this would be a breeze.
If you haven’t read this book? Honey! I don’t know what to tell you. You are probably like me- overlooked it and assumed that it was just like every other relationship book- IT’S NOT!
Here is one part I would like you to pay attention to in the book. It’s in the first chapter by the way. So in case you don’t have the chance to read the entire book, perhaps if the world became over shadowed by dinosaurs, or if the moon suddenly appeared in the morning and the sun at night ( which would be the only reasons why one wouldn’t complete it), then you would know at least that you got this message- being “in love” and “real love” are not the same thing. One is temporary and the other is permanent.
The author manages to explain this, siting research and examples in ways with which the reader can relate, further driving the message home. You guys are going to love this. Married? Dating? Thinking About It? Whatever. Go get it.

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