Oprah and Deepak 21 Day Meditation Experience- Day 16 Uniquely Me


Day 16
Uniquely Me

Bliss be my guide.

Om Varunam Namah
My life is in harmony with the universe.

“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.”
Jane Goodall

The expansion of happiness in this lifetime is our birthright. Finding what it is we are meant to do and be and identifying that which brings us the greatest happiness is our highest purpose in life. This is our dharma, our truth and, our destiny. Each moment presents us with a unique opportunity to express ourselves in ways that only we can. When we answer the call of our heart in each moment, we have the opportunity to experience pure joy.

Today’s meditation explores what it means to live our lives blissfully in each moment, understanding that the true reward is not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but the journey along the rainbow itself.

Allow the bliss of being who you are, living as the unique soul you were born to be, carry you along the path of this lifetime and you will be living your life to the fullest.
Mindful Moment

Today make a commitment to be who you really are and choose one thing that allows you to express yourself in a way that is like no one else. Sing a song. Paint a painting. Share a heartfelt conversation with a dear friend. Whatever it is that makes your heart sing, choose to engage in one activity that is uniquely yours and enjoy where the journey leads you!

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