Titi Sonuga My Woman Crush With A Message

speaking at the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria (2015)

speaking at the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria (2015)

I lead this post with this title and with this picture so that those who have not heard the name Titilope Sonuga will not only take her seriously but understand the magnitude of her work. Her website http://titilope.ca/ says more about her than I will ever be able to write, not in too many words though, but in just enough words.
I first saw Titi in season 2 of the web series “Gidi Up”. I was like ‘Oh ok, the girl is acting as a poet? that’s fresh”. At least she was not posing as a rich businesswoman or fashion designer or publicist or model manager (was just bored seeing those roles being played and replayed). A poet? yum!. She exuded confidence with her original locs, whether it was her natural God given hair or some braids, she simply screamed authentic. Then I watched her and her other cast members on the couch on talk show “The Juice” hosted by Toolz and confirmed she was actually a poet and not merely playing one. Hooked I was
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The award winning Poet, author and spokesperson continues to inspire as she partnered with Intel to empower young girls with the #shewillconnect initiative with the help of technology and the internet, while giving back to the world. What’s not to love? See the she will connect website http://shewillconnect.intel.com/

There is something about this lady that I am yet to put my fingers on. I am a lover of words myself perhaps that’s the attraction? The partnership for the progression of girls maybe? She seems to live her very own authentic life, what could be more attractive? Titi has tons of awards to her name for her amazing work as a poet and writer, she seeks to empower women with her words and encourage us to love ourselves just the way we are, and for that Titi Sonuga, you are my woman crush today.
Learn more about Titilope Sonuga on her website above and follow her on instagram @titilope
I know I ‘ll meet her soon, in fact I ll hunt her down whenever I visit Nigeria and I m sure she’ ll be happy to meet me- a fan.
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