My Potential Birthday/Christmas Gift- Golden Beats by Dr. Dre Set


These Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless headphones and the matching Beats Pill (a.k.a. speaker) in glossy gold make me want to get my dance on. And I plan to be amongst the first people to have them! Both items are Bluetooth enabled and shockingly lightweight—and will sound as good as they look for years to come.” — Oprah


I am always thinking about everyone else but myself. I am always having people donate to a charity in my name on my birthdays whenever they say “we don’t know what to get you.” Guess what? For the year 2014, for both my birthday and Christmas Dec 10th and Dec 25th, I am very willing to receive the Beats by Dr Dre set. Comes in a gazillion colors but these gold ones sure look good. Don’t say you didn’t know what to get me. And if you are seeking my attention this would be the perfect way to get it. You can’t get any more clues than this. If I were you, I’d get straight to work. lol
I know it sounds pathetic, but today allow me embrace it in all its patheticness lolol
P.S its a great gift for any lover of music.

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