Kanye West Can Be President And I Will Be Voting

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Many of us know Mr West as the unapologetic rapper that will say exactly what he is thinking. He has challenged president Barack Obama, taken the nicrophone from Taylor Swift and suggested that she was not worthy of the award that she had just been given because Beyonce his long time friend was clearly more worthy. Kanye has also said that former president George Bush did not care about black people (after hurricane Katrina). You have to be really be unafraid to make such comments and do such things.
In recent times, Mr West is known as the husband of Kim Kardashian and the father of North West. He is also her stylist and fashion influencer. Many people love to hate on their relationship but I love them and do not stand in judgement of their personal relationship.
Let me give a little bit of history. Kanye West is a rapper that I have always loved. His lyrics go way beyond b**** and n***** and money and fame and clubs and don perignon. West has always used his music to shed light on race and power and the image of the black individual in a country where blacks struggle to stay true to themselves (topic of another post). Simply put, I have loved Kanye West from the second he stepped foot into the music scene.
Now let me get to the main reason behind this post. Kanye West running for president. When MTV announced that Kanye West would be receiving an honorary award at the 2015 VMAs, presented to him by Taylor Swift, the same lady who he had just a few years before rudely taken the mic from at the same award, the entire world went crazy, many tuned in just to see the reaction on both their faces when the magic would finally happen. Taylor did a good job and Yeezy (kanye’s nickname) blushed and smiled until he stepped onto the stage and hell broke loose. Well, so many people say. I just think his speech was sometimes too confusing to someone who may not love him as much as I do. Mr West took 5 minutes before he could say anything as he held on to the mic, more like for dear life with anxiety while he gathered his thoughts, rather than for the screams the fans hollered.(although Yeezus likes to put on a good show) First I thought “ok Kanye, start talking”, but then I realized that the poor guy needs an outlet and struggles with explaining his position on things because of his somewhat ADD nature. (I recently posted his very first interview with MTV, and you can see how he struggled to express himself every time he lost his train of thought. See it
So for me, it was not surprising at all, I just prayed that he would be able to get his thoughts out.
And so the speech began with bruh! bruh! (how black people say bro, as in brother). and my heart started beating fast. Note that MTV did not alter or cut off Mr West’s speech of at least 10 minutes while we all watched him make some amazing comments and sometimes called some people out e.g he said that MTV kept replaying the fact that Taylor Swift would be presenting him with the award because they knew that their ratings would go up, he also said that he probably would not have taken the microphone from Ms Swift that time if he had been a father and had understood that Ms Swift was someone else’ daughter, and then right at the very end of his speech, he made the announcement that he would be running for President in 2020. Mouth agape the entire audience and the entire world of social media went ballistic. I was screaming at the top of my lungs at home. Like wtf just happened?
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Here’s the verdict. If Donald Trump can run for president (whom I love but think might not be prepared- needs more education on policy issues) then why cant Mr West? If Ronald Reagan, one of the most cited presidents in republican history could be President and he was an actor at the time he ran, then why can’t a rapper? Oh because he is a black man? Try black educated man. Or because Kim Kardashian is not qualified to be a first lady? (haters beware, you all hate on her but secretly admire her- take a seat). These people cannot continue to be judged for mistakes they made one hundred years ago. I do see how the Iranians, French and other countries will look at America if this ever happened though. Wait, Kim’s ancestors are from Armenia, the middle east, her being first lady might somewhat be the start of new peaceful relations with Iran and other Muslim nations( I say this very seriously), then talking about France, Kanye and Kim know all the designers in Paris, attend Paris fashion week judiciously(I wonder if President West will have the time to do any of those anymore) etc. Think about it America, this is all beginning to make sense and might be better for the nation.

I love Kanye West, I love his message, and if he comes up with his plan on policy issues, jobs, the middle class, education, the debt ceiling, health care etc. and further tones down just one single notch and not have his occasional outbursts?, of course I am willing to hear them and vote for him. One hundred percent. Shoot, sticking to the same thing that we know has not worked and brought us to where we are today, besides, he will have other experts assisting him in these decisions anyway. So hell, I m in. I am Jennifer Mairo and I approve this post

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