Is Posing Nude Really About Self Confidence or Merely A Dangerous New Trajectory

Zoe in Womens Health Magazine

Zoe in Womens Health Magazine

I posted a photo on Instagram yesterday of Zoe Saldana nude inside the pages of Women’s Health Magazine. On the photo there was an inscription that read “I love skin. I don’t believe the body is something to hide”. This got me thinking and hence the motivation for this post. My first thought was, why not walk around nude since the body is not meant to be hidden? My second thought was own the nude shoot you have been paid to do but do not promote is as if it should be accepted as “normal”. Stay with me here.

I have chosen four women that I personally love to share in this post because I do believe that these women stand for the improvement and empowerment of young girls the world over. I am also in support of owning your flaws and accepting your body the way it is which is what these covers claim to promote. However, the touch ups and make up used for these shoots do none of that any justice. Sometimes these photos look nothing like the actual people. This then puts further strain on the girls the “nude photos” are supposed to empower.
Nudity has been around for centuries and probably going nowhere. In fact the adult movie industry has been booming since the 70s. The days of Farrah Faucet and Elizabeth Taylor was the commencement of the nude cover boom and it looks like with the likes of Kim Kardashian this will not be going anytime soon. Ten years ago women who posed nude for photos and magazines were supposedly breaking barriers and were prepared for the backlash that came with it, nowadays it has become normal to just go ahead and take your damn clothes off. It’s not as embarrassing, not as shameful.

If anything it exudes confidence. Am I too old fashioned to get it? I consider myself very liberal, very open to change and very accepting of it, but please I do not want to see your vagina every time I turn around, or do I? Perhaps I should look away? But it’s everywhere, how do I avoid it? Here’s the question I m trying to pose? Is the idea behind this current, more popular nudity crave expected to be accepted and respected? What exactly is being sold with such magazine covers? Am I to be comfortable with my daughters posing nude or aspiring to do so?
Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and other models have walked the runways around the world to panties and bras trying to sell exactly those “panties and bras”. I guess I can be forced to understand that aspect of it. They can’t sell lingerie with coats and sweaters on. They and such other models in those circumstances get a pass. But the idea of just standing butt naked and being plastered in front of a magazine that millions of people will see? Should these women be embarrassed, should they start to say NO to the magazine owners and photographers by refusing those nude shoot proposals? Would they in doing so be interfering with their own art an that of the photographers? I know that this is an ongoing topic in which no resolution or conclusion would be gotten- at least not today, not in this post, not in this era at least. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delavigne and the youngies in the modelling industry are now raising the bar as well. I simply needed to see how you guys were feeling about all this nudity.
When Paper Magazine first revealed Kim Kardashian’s naked cover (her derriere) on the cover of their magazine, the entire world went ballistic and yes I agree the internet almost got broken. Some were quick to say that it was a wrong move because she was a mother. (Mind you she herself knows that she is a mother) Others wondered whether her husband was fine with the decision. Later it was rumored that all the shoots that she accepted were approved by her husband.

Does that mean that men do not really mind their significant others being nude in magazines? Is it a way to show off how beautiful they are, or strictly as a means of business? What about those men that would not approve of their wives, fiancees, girlfriends do such? Are they insecure?
Here’s the verdict. If you must do it, be tasteful about it, don’t bare it all out but if you had the choice, refrain.

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