I Wish I Never Had To Work, Literally!

Angry businesswoman biting the keyboard

Angry businesswoman biting the keyboard

Why am I working? I mean really? My husband can afford to take care of me and the kids without me ever lifting a finger. But of course I chose to work just to be miserable.Let me break this down for you;
If you are working for yourself, i.e an entrepreneur, I am probably not talking to you. You set your own time, you put in all the effort and know that if it yields profit, its all in your favor. You do not fear that your employer will let you go and, you probably do not have to deal with fast mouth, not so pleasant co- workers who make jokes that you do not consider funny. I sure am not talking to you. However, if you work in an organization where you do not only have to manage clients but also co-workers, employer, managers, etc., then this one is for you. Below are a few reasons why I hate going to work.

1) Co-workers who do not respect my space- I currently work in a small department of 6 people and we are one tight family. Besides all the work I do with the Pamela Erere Foundation (PEF) and the Jennifer Mairo Company, I also work in Finance. There is a specific colleague of mine who just makes jokes that do not hit the mark. From offensive sexist jokes to over the top racist comments. But I have to deal with his face and funny shaped head because I am in the workplace? Holy Smokes!
2) Managers do not always take responsibility- The rules at my organization change like the weather. One thing that was so not acceptable last week, becomes the modus operandi this week. The employees take the blame for any errors found during this never ending transitioning process. Yet management never does.
3) Everyone is out to get the other- except me of course. Why would I be out to get anyone else or make them look bad? I have other things going for me and I am quitting soon from this position anyway. There just is a lot of training I need to acquire from this role before fully standing on my own to manage my own employees and my other businesses. Hence still waiting around. I would never be trying to claw people down, trying to be noticed etc. Because my work speaks for itself.
4) Discrimination- First I have to deal with being a woman (sexism), get paid less to do more work, then I have to deal with race. Even with the female white folk. It is such a shame that black women in an organization have to be called into the office multiple time for the smallest of reasons while the white male and female employees get a pass for major errors. Racism is not something that started today so I do not expect that people would have matured enough to manage it. However, what is fair is fair and what is not is not. The concept of partiality says a lot about the person in power who has the authority to scold/correct/discipline the employee who makes and error. Our forefathers already had to deal with a lot and we should too? This is a major issue for me when it comes to working in an organization outside of my own.
Conclusively, a person like me will never be fully content working for anyone. As a partner-YES, but as anything else- probably not. Not unless the company is one of the few who fake the equality train (blacks will have to fight and fight and fight to be equal). Then at least I would know that the falseness is underground and not in the forefront. In such a company I could shine. Or maybe in a company owned by an actual human being of any race, who actually does believe that all humans are equal and who actually does judge people by their work and the content of their character and who really does dare to do the non-conformist, yet right thing by his/her employees and who has put similar people in management positions. Then and only then will and employee like myself find peace, gratitude and fulfillment from a work space without my name on the door.

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