Climb With Remi, Cause After My Heart

Remi Abere at Mount Kilimanjaro

Remi Abere at Mount Kilimanjaro

Climb With Remi Facebook Page

This is a public service announcement to all Nigerians at home and in Diaspora, all Africans who want to fight against poverty and sufferings, and to citizens of every country around the world who acknowledge that suffering to one is suffering to all of humanity. The Climb With Remi initiative is one that plans to show Remi Abere, alongside friends, family and supporters as they climb mountain Kilimanjaro for a cause. At 49 years of age, She first climbed the same mountain last year, risking it all (work, four kids, husband etc.) just to challenge herself and to achieve personal fulfillment.
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This year she is embarking on the journey a second time and this time it’s not just for fun, its for a cause. The #climbwithremi initiative plans to use this medium to raise awareness and funds for the various internally displaced persons (IDP)camps across Nigeria. The website launches in a few weeks but you can still be a part of the movement right now.
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Here’s how; Follow Climb With Remi on twitter @climbwithremi, like the Facebook page in link above and sign up for the newsletter on the website page and get updates and progress as the climb approaches.You can also make donations on the website and share updates on social media with the hashtag #climbwithremi. Let everyone know that you are part of such an amazing extravaganza. If you have ever wanted to be part of a cause that makes a real difference but somehow was unsure which organization or which cause, this might be the perfect fit for you.
For this great initiative my Mazel of the week goes to Remi Abere for coming up with such a plan and for giving back. You continue to inspire.
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