Black Girls Now Afraid Of Cops

By now we have all heard about the assault on teenagers by a police officer in Mckinney TX. Teenagers can be sturbborn and can constitute a nuisance, however, the trauma these kids will feel now. Since the video was first published, the officer has resigned his position after ten years in service. How sad! Contributor Naija Richardson shares her perspective below;

by Naija Richardson

Somebody call my mama! Please call my mama!! These were the words that preceded the infamous slam to the ground by one of McKinney’s Police. This moment was a moment that despite race a mother would feel. The moment when your child cries is an immediate alert that they are in need. This call gave me a heavy heart. As a mother of two I felt for this girl and I was angered that a child could be treated in such a manner. A child who posed no threat? That vivid image is one that will remain in my mind forever, and one could only imagine how the victim feels. As the events would unfold the officer who shows no compassion not only uses profanity but also pulls a gun out on unarmed children. There is one thing to support an officer because there was a very present threat, versus an officer who was filled with rage and clearly not rational. We trust in our law enforcement to protect us however the actions displayed in this particular situation created an uproar. So many people have associated his actions with race while others say it is a simple principle of right and wrong. Is there any valid explanation for the officers’ actions only he could say, but to all the viewers the only question that designates is “Was there a better way?”

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