Strawberry For Your Face?


My face has always been smooth. I mean literally, like a newborn’s butt. This face has never known any pimple, blemishes or whatever. Whenever people complain about such things, I have a blank stare like- ‘sorry, don’t get it”. I found a few home made regimens for your face and though to share this particular one. So, to all my beautiful ladies and gents who didn’t know, here you go. Stop paying high dollars for those soaps and creams when you can try this cheap method first. Let me know when you do too.

Celebrity facialist Kate Somerville shares homemade skincare treatments made from natural ingredients you probably have at home.
Cut a large strawberry in half lengthwise. Take a fork and poke at the flesh a little to awaken and release the juices. Swipe the strawberry across your face and massage the juice in a bit, using small circles. Leave it on for about 2 minutes and then rinse off with water. Strawberry juice contains natural skin lighteners that brighten spots over time.

You can also do this a few times a week on your teeth for a gentle and safe teeth whitener!

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