Forgiveness As The Bedrock For Freedom


Motivational Monday- I have always defined success as PEACE OF MIND. Never by money, class, fame etc. To me one could have all these things and without peace of mind and tranquility, have no success. In the same light, I view forgiveness as the bedrock to freedom. Nelson Mandela, Dr Martin Luther King and other heroes who have faced discrimination have shown this to us time and again and I must confess that I would agree.
Because of my loyal nature, I find it hard to move past disloyalty and hurt. I am able to be cordial with a once “good friend” but it’s usually on the surface. I immediately shut people out whom I believe have offended me or have been disloyal. My zero tolerance policy seems to have worked out just fine until you realize even you can offend others without knowing it. The best way then to continually live freely is to forgive others as you would like to be forgiven.
I will forgive you, but to put myself in the situation a second time? Granting you the opportunity to be a second time offender? Not going to happen.
A friend whom I considered close, who had leaned on me for a couple of years and in whose life I have played several major roles recently made some decisions and did some things that will forever affect out relationship. Like I said I have remained cordial, I have been angry about it but never showed it. But here’s what I learned- I didn’t do those things for her by my own power. God gave me the grace and resources. As soon as I realized that, I had to let go of the resentment and bitterness(forgive). I became free- literally. They no longer held the power. I did.
The question is how do you forgive? Answer? By just telling yourself that you will and you have. There is no handbook, it comes from within. The same feeling of determination, love, trust, passion. It’s not learned it just happens when you position your mind to steer in that direction.
Yesterday I watched an episode of Super Soul Sunday on OWN. Oprah interviewed Dr Maya Angelou. That was an episode that I had seen numerous times but yesterday was different. Oprah asked her the advice she would give a younger version of herself as they watched a video from one of her old performances as a singer/dancer.
Maya said, and this struck like lightning ” I would tell her to forgive”. My mind began to race. I wondered who I needed to forgive and whether I had. I thought of others who have forgiven me over the years and how I had offended them without even knowing it until they had mentioned it. That was a major aha moment for me and so on this motivational Monday, I implore you all to do the same- FORGIVE!

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