Colorism- The BFF to Racism


In today’s motivational Monday, I encourage you to love yourself and the skin you’re in.
If you even remotely know me, you know I spend my Sundays on OWN. From SuperSoul Sunday to reruns of life class, fix my life and all the other heavenness that comes with OWN. But this weekend was particularly eye opening and has prompted my post for today.
“Colorism”- is a practice of discrimination in a particular community in which those with lighter skin tones are treated more favorably than those with darker skin tones.
As Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah dissected the matter with the members of the audience, it struck me how we as a race,a people are quick to judge one another in the exact same way the we are being judged by the “white” race.
Some lighter skinned ladies disagreed that they received preferential treatment because they were “lighter”. They insisted it was harder for them because they had to deal with other races as well as their own race. One guest said it best “it seems like you are not accepted by your own people”.
Whereas the darker skinned females thought that life was harder for them since the lighter skinned supposedly had better opportunities.
Whoever created the illusion that one skin tone was better or more beautiful than the other? That person should be hung to a plant.
In the past, bone thin women were considered more beautiful, but now, thicker females with curves have been embraced. Thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.
The fact remains that people are judgmental and bitter. Blacks claim they are being discriminated upon, yet they discriminate against their own race? People still think gay people should not be allowed to marry whomever they want? Yet, we think we are equal? want to be? Makes no sense whatsoever. The exact thing that you suffer as a black, you inflict on another the second you pass a judgement based on their race, gender, color, sexuality etc.
The sooner we realize how this affects future generations, the better.

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