Do you write, sing, play an instrument, dance, rap etc. Send me a video of you doing what you do and I ll share it for the world to see. We need new talent and fresh minds on the arts scene. You are my TALENT of the week

OpenBinacle, Latest in Live Streaming and All Things Media


Created by a Nigerian media guru. OpenBinacleTM brings to you the Easiest Way for LIVE Streaming, Teleconferencing, Video Recording (Karaoke), Video & Movie Promotions, etc.. They are also 100% Youtube Compatible. Does’t get better than this, try the demo for free and tell your friends to do the same. Enough of the ratchet karaoke system with microphone plugins. Hook your computer up and have some fun with friends, family and even work. You ll be glad you did. Visit their website at https://openbinacle.org/hdtv/apps/index.jsp to learn more

Talent of 2014 “Nick Mutuma”


I’m sure you guys in Nigeria, Kenya and Africa probably already know him from his singing/acting/ hosting career but I just found out about him and I am as pleased as you all are. His role in “Shuga” is epic. Plus its so natural that its almost like he isn’t acting. That’s how to spot true talent. Go Nick, make Africa proud.

Miss Teen Africa 2014

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One of the few pageants that celebrate the beauty of the African woman and her essence. Visit pageant website for full details. Happy New Year

First Talent At My Inner Space- Jessica aka Shammie

Jessica aka Shammie by friends and family is a Nigerian based professional choreographer, model and student at Ambrose Alli University in Nigeria. She loves to travel and meet new people. She is currently a volunteer at the Pamela Erere Foundation (PEF). Giving free dance tutorials to kids under age 12. To them she more than just a coach, she is a big sister. Just doing her part to add to society. Way to go Jessica.

Efe. First name fantastic, last name perfection


Did you know that you can listen to music while browsing this site? Oh yes you can. Look to the right of of the screen, right below my tweets, where the adverts are blinking? Yes right there, click play. The song you are listening to is titled “Lullaby” written by Efe. Her stage name is Fay Fay. This music is nothing compared to when you hear her sing Continue reading

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  • Amazing time on set today with keithfernandezphotography  muse model
  • Its good to follow the rules but GREAT to make
  • Now they got me on flyers with Presidents and world
  • And I m supposed to be up at 5am for
  • When you know who you are peoples opinions of you
  • Opinions are like ass holes we all have one. Dont let peoples opinion of you affect what you are doing. Keep your e…

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