Mazel and Jackhole

Have a stood up for something good? Have you made a difference? Have you simply put smiles on others’s faces? You are my MAZEL. if you have done the opposite, you are my JACKHOLE baby! and I will fish you out and throw you under the bus. Better watch out
Anyone can be my mazel, as long as you are making a difference and doing something that others aren’t. You are a Pioneer, and I will feature you here just so others can celebrate you for your good works. #welldone

Stitching Together A Better Way To Help Detroit’s Homeless


There are some stories you hear, read, come across, whatever that challenge you and make you ask yourself some questions. This college student did that for me;
As a product design student at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, Veronika Scott got a challenging—and life-changing—assignment: to create something that would fill a real need for the city. In Detroit, few issues are more pressing than homelessness, which affects about one of every 42 residents (including those who seek shelter in some 78,000 abandoned buildings throughout the city).

Scott set out to help tackle the problem and spent the next five months interviewing people who passed through a warming center, a rest stop for the homeless (“They go there to sit for several hours—it’s pretty much rock bottom,” she says). One day she spotted two people living inside a nearby playground structure covered in clothes and tarps. The makeshift home sparked an idea for a heavy-duty coat that could be converted into a sleeping bag. “It lets people take care of themselves and feel independent,” says Scott, 25. “Plus, 20 others haven’t worn it; it’s new and made for them.”

In nearly three years, Scott’s nonprofit, the Empowerment Plan, has manufactured more than 10,000 of the hybrid coats (now made with fabric donated by Carhartt). Equally impressive: All the coats produced in Scott’s facility are sewn by 17 women who once lived on the streets or in homeless shelters themselves. “Everyone we’ve hired has been able to move out of the shelter system,” Scott says. But with all the people she’s met and helped, Scott has never forgotten one of her project’s earliest fans, a man named PeeWee. “He was my spokesperson,” she says. “He’d introduce me to people, saying, ‘This is the coat lady; she makes coats. You want a coat? You can get one—after me.'”

David Oyelowo to Star With Lupita Nyong’o in ‘Americanah’


This week’s mazel goes to David, Lupita and Chimamanda who is the Nigerian born writer of the book “Americanah”. I have shared the book “Americanah” here on my blog, on instragram and everywhere else. I have read it and I am re-reading. And to now hear that two of my favorite people are coming to the big screen with it? Sold and sold!
Having already secured a Golden Globe nomination for his work in “Selma,” David Oyelowo is looking to set up his future slate.

Sources tell Variety that Oyelowo is set to co-star with Lupita Nyong’o in the indie drama “Americanah.”

Based on the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie novel, the story follows a pair of young Nigerian immigrants who face a lifetime of struggle while their relationship endures.

Brad Pitt is producing through his Plan B production banner along with Nyong’o and Andrea Calderwood. Plan B produced “Selma,” and after having such a good experience working with them, Oyelowo jumped at the opportunity to board another project they were producing.

The film is now looking to attach a writer and director, with no production start date set yet.

Oyelowo has a busy end of the year, with “Interstellar,” “Selma” and “A Most Violent Year” all bowing in the last month. He is expected to be in the Oscars conversation for his performance in “Selma,” and he can be seen next in the indie “Captive” opposite Kate Mara.

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes


Yesterday was so benign. Safe from the chaos in social media, emails, and texts lol. I stayed home, hugged on to my kids real tightly, got a hundred calls from a particular friend at intervals and thanked God for the year ahead. I woke up today a 28 year old woman. Not a girl, not a young lady but a full-fleshed woman and it felt so darn good. 2014 for me was such a trying year. I pushed the envelope even harder than I ever have in every area of my life and I have you all to thank for that. My career soared more than ever and with every message, tweet, retweet etc. It was indubitable that I was on the right trajectory. In 2015 I will continue to DARE GREATLY and up the ante. I have set certain goals, per my modus operandi. Very quixotic goals I must say but I am determined to push through.
It was merely 28 years ago that Patrick and Fatima welcomed a feisty little girl into the world and today I represent a generation of women who want so hard to find their path, their voice and purpose and make their mark in the world. I couldn’t be prouder of my journey to date.
I appreciate all your messages, all the love. I didn’t know I knew that many people lol. This was an atypical yet calculated birthday for me. I realized earlier on in the year how I wanted to spend it- Alone. And I did.
Thanks to everyone who made donations to charities in my name. Some even to the Pamela ERERE Foundation – PEF. You know who you are. There are no words. The only one who doesn’t get off buying me gifts is the man that paid my bride price. Lol I look forward to my presents from him each year. (They are epic gifts I usually can’t afford myself)
Today I make this post HUMBLED!

In 2015 The PEF Will Berth Educated Children In Nigeria


We all know that education is one the many routes that children can take to success. The PEF will in 2015 commence an online campaign to educate as many Nigerian children as possible. Target is 10,000 children across the country. These children have to be children of widows, single mothers, and divorcees.
The goal is to give these children the opportunity to find their passion and to thrive amongst their peers, in class and the community at large.
We are all about raising leaders for the future generation. To be a part of this campaign make a donation by clicking the donate button on
2015 will be a great year for us all!

CNBC Africa Awards Chude and Debola Awarded Young Business Leaders


Some of you do but most of you don’t know that Chude is one of the few men after my own heart. (we all know who the main one is. From nothing, Chude was able to choose the life he wanted through hard work, commitment and determination. What’s not to love? We go way back as Mayflower School. I find Chude inspiring and motivating to the young African and world at large. Debola is another star to be watched. I keep telling people that these two may be President/Governor/Minister/Senator in the future. We need such minds at the core of the country making decisions. In any case, these two gurus- Red Media co-founders and Future Awards Africa organizers, Chude Jideonwo and Debola Williams yesterday evening October 23rd won The Young Business Leader of the Year category in the CNBC All Africa Business Leaders Awards 2014 which held at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos. Mazel!!!!!

Dallas Dallas Weekly Features Jennifer Mairo Akporehe

dallas weekly

This weeks’ Mazel happens to be myself- Jennifer Mairo Akporehe and here’s why. I was featured on The Dallas Weekly last week and I am beyond ecstatic. The thing about such articles about me is that I am just doing my job, just trying to make a difference in the lives of those that have very little help. So when such recognition comes, when people say good job! or mazel! or well done! I’m like- Oh thanks! but I m not quite sure why. Makes sense?
It does feel good to be recognized for your work I must say, and I am grateful to everyone that encourage me and celebrate me. You guys are fantastic. Two photos from my outings this weekend below. I think they are cute and had to share them. It’s my blog and I can post what I want to. lolol Find the link to the post about me on The Dallas Weekly here Continue reading

1st Annual Ladies Alliance Rally

With the Centro representative

With the Centro representative

As a blogger, writer and businesswoman, I often get invited to events across the United States, particularly Dallas which is where I live. I pick and choose these events wisely too. They have to be worth my while.
Thursday September 25th was one of such days at one of such events. The coming together of three women powerhouses- SheNow, ABWA and WIMMI for the first ever annual ladies alliance rally and can I just say it was beyond perfection.
First, child care was provided for free. Did I say free of charge? Moms were able to attend the conference, mingle, network while the kids were just downstairs. Win-win for everyone. Thanks to black tie babysitting
Second, the food was like nothing I have ever had in conferences and believe me I have attended quite a few. Healthy burgers, spring rolls, meat balls. Yum!

Jeri serving herself

Jeri serving herself

Centro was the primary sponsor for the event, providing resources for the space, food etc. I loved it. Centro is a technology company that is known for supporting women related causes. They are perfection and PEF is looking forward to working with them. See first pic of me and one of their reps at the event. Drinks flowed from the bar and all the ladies laughed, giggled, exchanged business cards with enthusiasm.
Eventually, there was a breakout session and women were divided into groups to discuss some of the problems women face today and what can be done to change them. I loved my Room 8 team members, everyone unique is her own way, from all ages and all works of life. We highlighted less pay for women, domestic violence and single parenting as a major issue. Overall women were thought to love themselves and make conscious decisions. Right up my alley!

while we discussed the issues

while we discussed the issues

all the ladies in my breakout session group

all the ladies in my breakout session group

A little about the groups. SheNOW is a community that believes that young women should live their own lives first. Strengthening and encouraging them to reach milestones in self development, service sisterhood & sass.
ABWA, short for American Women’s Business Association for 65 years brings women together from all works of life for development personally and professionally.
WIMMI- short for Women in Media Mentoring Initiative helps women in all stages of their career get professional development and lasting friendships.
All three groups are amazing and I implore you to join one that resonates with you. I am a member of all three and a host of others.
Mazel guys! looking forward to next year! More pics below

just a random conference selfie

just a random conference selfie

with Miss Latina and Annabel of Attitudes and Attires

with Miss Latina and Annabel of Attitudes and Attires

feeling sophisticated with my African ankara fabric and pop of color with them shoes

feeling sophisticated with my African ankara fabric and pop of color with them shoes

This NFL Star Is Taking on a Major Issue for Kids


Why you need to know about Oakland Raiders defensive end Justin Tuck.
There are many reasons to admire NFL star Justin Tuck. From his jaw-dropping tackles to a stoic style of leadership that helped the New York Giants win two Super Bowls in four years, he’s been a bona fide hero on the field. And off, he plays just as hard—for kids who can’t afford to go to college.

Even as a standout young athlete in Alabama, Tuck knew that school came first. “My parents wouldn’t let me play sports unless I came home with As and Bs,” says Tuck, 31, “and it better have been more As.” Which is why, in 2008, he and his wife, Lauran, founded Tuck’s RUSH (Read, Understand, Succeed, Hope) for Literacy to support underserved schools with grant money and books (77,000 and counting) and help children dream big about their future.

But even with perfect grades, students face the obstacle of affording tuition. To empower kids and their families to start investing now, the Tucks have partnered with the 1:1 Fund and the Children’s Aid Society, kicking in over $150,000 of their own money to open college savings accounts for young people in New York City. With that endowment, the Tucks will deposit $100 into each account and then match a family’s contribution, up to $100 a year, until the student finishes high school. “The research is eye-popping,” says Tuck, a Notre Dame grad. “Low-income teens are about three times more likely to enroll in college with $500 or less stashed away.” The couple hopes to expand the program to Tuck’s home state and beyond. “One day I’m going to be sitting on a porch, sipping lemonade, with my gray hair,” he says, “and these kids will be running the world.”

My Speech At The PEF Charity Fashion Show 09/14/14


Hi guys,
Another week another hustle. I know most of you knew about the PEF Charity Fashion Show that held last night 09/14/14. I will share professional photos from the event as soon as we have them in, I have already shared a few I took with my phone on instagram and Facebook, so you guys can check them out. Anyway, today I wanted to share my speech from the event. I think that you guys will get a better insight on why I started the organization and why you should join me in supporting it. You can also visit the webiste to donate and learn more about us. We are grateful to every attendee and every participant. You guys rock! My speech below Continue reading

Barbara Walters shares a touching story about Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve

Legendary journalist Barbara Walters says one of the most moving interviews she ever conducted was with Christopher Reeve, the actor best known for his role as Superman, who was paralyzed in a horse-riding accident in 1995 and eventually became an advocate for spinal cord research. Christopher told Barbara that right after the accident, he had been in a dark place and had wanted to die. Watch as Barbara recounts Christopher’s story of how an odd doctor who ordered him to turn over had him laughing—and wanting to live again.

Finally I Am On Instagram @jennifermairo

gram 2

Bring out the confetti, balloons and whistles. I am finally on instagram. yayyyyy!!! You guys made sure you convinced me into signing up and now I have.
I love social media, Let me tell you why it took me so long- I may not be able to maintain the multiple social media accounts effectively. What then is the purpose? You see what I mean? However, I have made a commitment to the gram world, I will follow through and it will be an awesome experience. I will not only show up for instagram, I will show out. lololol I can’t believe I just said that. Talking as if I am referring to an actual event- like singing, volunteering, speaking etc. lol
Anyway, follow me on instagram @jennifermairo.
Thanks guys

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