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Do you want to attend that special occasion? Are you unsure of what outfit to wear? Answer three easy questions and I will suggest an outfit. You are sure to be the show stopper of the event. I guarantee it. Sometimes less is more **wink**

Why You Should Be in Awe of Your Flaws


I have a mole beneath my right breast. It’s been there since before I had breasts—since I was born, in fact. I wish it were a pretty, flat thing, especially given its potentially sexy location. But it’s rounded and raised, unmissable and frank, an inelegant spot interrupting the smooth skin that surrounds it. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my breasts were so large I could no longer see my mole. I almost missed it.

My grandmother’s mole was beneath her eye. Hers wasn’t pretty either. Her glasses sometimes rested on it—a strange image—but when people mentioned removing it, she just shrugged and smiled. My daughter’s mole is on the ring finger of her left hand, like a wedding band.

These aren’t beauty marks, like a freckle located suggestively above the lip. Ours are ungainly. Maybe there’s a meaning to them. If so, I don’t know the meaning.

But I do know that these marks—and yours, and everyone’s—signify us being us. If I ever have amnesia and can’t identify myself, this mole might remind me that I was me. I’ve come to treasure it. The mole is intimate in its placement, like a secret I have. It’s unique to me even as it binds me to the women in my family. In some ways, this is true of all of us: We are each of us singular, and so in our shared singularity we are the same. And that meaning is good enough for me.

Channelling My Inner Egyptian Blonde Goddess


For some reason, lately I have become so in love with blonde as a hair color. I had my hair braided in my recent trip to Nigeria. It was about 24 inches long and guess what color it was- blonde.
When I was tired of the braid- itching, pulling, dirt etc, I washed and blew dry my hair on Sunday and decided to get a different look. As you can see, it is far from braids which makes it pretty different but not so much since the color is still- wait for it- BLONDE.
One colleague said I looked like an Egyptian goddess. As much as I have no idea how they truly look, I went with it. Sounds exotic, debonair, bourgeois, sophisticated hence the title of this post. For those who do not have the courage to change their hair style, color, length whatever. Go for it! Fun stuff
Also, I recently officially became a Stella and Dot Stylist and so you can get these amazing accessories through me and you ll love them. Don’t I just look gorgeous! lolol More pics with the same hair/outfit below;



accesories (stella and dot) watch (Michael Kors) bag (salvatore ferragamo)

accesories (stella and dot) watch (Michael Kors) bag (salvatore ferragamo)

Blushington Dallas The MakeUp Studio From The Heavens

with Leah Frazier, CNS Fashion contributor and my sister in my head

with Leah Frazier, CNS Fashion contributor and my sister in my head

So last week Wednesday, Jouer Cosmetics,a french makeup line debuted in the United States exclusively at Blushington Dallas, and guess who was invited? Thank you very much. lol
I know Blushington but have never been, I heard about their make up classes from a colleague recently.
Anyway, I invited my mum and we set out after I dropped the kids at the sitters.
The product itself was amazing- supple, warm, buttery,stylish and a whole lot more but I was mostly impressed with the customer service and the owners.

Owners (sisters)

Owners (sisters)

The fact that they were young women making such an impact in the make up industry, having exclusive rights to an international brand etc. blew me away . This is what life should be about- young women getting paid.
Anyway I spoke with them, they explained their vision and goal as well as their partnership with the international brand. I took notes too. I am inspired by females who know how to do what they do.
We had some champagne, ( i tasted it since i don’t drink alcohol), some crunchydeliciumptious cake balls, a photo booth (where i took a gazillion photos) the Jamaican attendant was so funny and kept touching my hair and asking me where I was from even though i had answered him many a times. I think he kept wishing I would change my answer from Nigeria to Jamaica lol. He was cute though
I got my make up done and my make up girl was off the chain. She was sweet and gave me some advice on how to do my make up in a few minutes since i m always on the road.

with my make up girl 9 forgot her name, sorry hun

with my make up girl 9 forgot her name, sorry hun

Overall, the experience was great, Blushington was fantastic and I met some amazing people. I am a believer and you should be too. See more images below

with Ida and Bianca

with Ida and Bianca


Meeting Designer Donald J. Pliner


These are some of the perks of being a blogger. People often wonder how we make money. Well, we don’t always get paid in cash- Sometimes we are afforded the opportunity to meet amazing people from around the world, whom we probably wouldn’t have met had we not been bloggers. One of such people/instances was my encounter with talented designer Donald J Pliner at the Nordstom Galleria Dallas.
I have seen his designs on every fashion show, I have purchased them as gifts for my husband and friends, I have even purchased a mens’ size 11 loafer for myself ( his women size stops at 12 and I’m a 13, so i had to buy the 11 in mens’). This shows how much I love the brand and the designs. It’s edge, uniqueness and glamor knows no measure. So imagine my amazement when I got the email for the Dallas Blogger collective that I would be meeting with him, talking to him about his new designs and getting a chance to talk with this ‘god” of the runway- stoked!
I had had meetings lined up for the entire day ( from my other job as a CEO- thank you very much, lol). Typically I would not have left the office during the day- he was scheduled for 10am-1pm I think. Most of my blogger events usually happen after regular business hours.
For this one, I would make an exception. I changed hurriedly at 12noon on the Thursday September 25th, thank goodness the mall is two blocks from my office. The perks of working in the best area in Dallas- self proclaimed, don’t get mad. lol
Luckily the chaos was over when I walked in, most bloggers had come and gone. He looked at me like he knew me from somewhere ( i probably resembled one of the supermodels that have modeled his designs) lol even me too can’t take myself.
I asked him about making a womens’ size 13 for the elephant feet like mine, his inspiration behind the design and his future plans. He was beyond gentle and calm. Didn’t say much but took several selfies with me and agreed to the duck lips once i proposed them. i got an autographed walled and notepad. Yes, a Donald Pliner wallet, how much did that save me? Thank you very much. He was the best. Check that off the bucket list. More images below

wallets, jotters and sample from new design

wallets, jotters and sample from new design

on display at Nordstrom Dallas Galleria

on display at Nordstrom Dallas Galleria


Famed Designer Michael Costello To Host “The Crowned Brunch” In Dallas


You may not know his face or name, but I guarantee you that you know his designs and you are probably in love with them as much as I am. Designer to the stars including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Tamar Braxton, Lily Ghalichi only to mention a few. Michael rose to automatic stardom after he appeared on “project runway”. Clearly he had been designing some amazing stuff prior but this was where a lot of us got introduced to his talent and awesomeness. I am still anticipating my pass for the event, but whether or not that happens, I would like all you fashion lovers to make plans to attend. I would be doing you guys a disservice if I didn’t mention this amazing event. By the way, “The Crowned Brunch” usually hosts classy, magical events.


Costello is headed to Dallas on September 28, 2014 to host an exclusive afternoon tea and champagne event for The Crowned Brunch entitled “Deeper than the Dress: An Intimate Conversation with Michael Costello” at the historical Dallas Adolphus Hotel. The Adolphus is one of the finest restaurants in the entire Dallas Metroplex, located on Commerce Road in downtown Dallas, I first visited this hotel when Nigerian delegates, including Governors, Senators and Ministers came to Dallas for a function. That just tells you the caliber of where this event is being held. I can categorically tell you that I am hyper ventilating as I type this message.

The event gives guests the chance to interact with the designer, sharing his insights, inspiration and journey thus far. It’s the first time “The Crowned Brunch” has brought this event to Dallas and it promises to be unique. This event normally holds in Houston, TX and has featured Massy “Mankofit” Arias and digital marketing manager for Beats by Dre, Karen Civil as hosts in the past.

The brunch will be from 1:00pm to 5:00pm and tickets are available to purchase at For more information, visit the site. and purchase tickets

This is the event you want to attend!

The 4th Commandment of Long-Lasting Makeup


Thou shalt believe that less is more.
Every makeup artist we spoke with for this story preached restraint. “The more makeup you apply, the more there is to slide, smudge or smear,” Goodwin says. This is especially true of foundation. Goodwin always applies foundation with a synthetic brush, which deposits a thinner layer than your fingers. She then gently presses a damp nonlatex makeup sponge into the skin to remove any excess. What you’re left with is perfect coverage that won’t pull a disappearing act.

The 3rd Commandment of Long-Lasting Makeup


Thou shalt take the time to prime.
Applying a primer is an extra step that’s incredibly worthwhile when you have a long day—or night—ahead. Primers are packed with silicone, which prevents the oil on your skin from breaking down your makeup. Silicone also smooths over pores and fine lines so foundation doesn’t settle into them and look uneven over time, says celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff, who worked with Naomi Watts and Charlize Theron at the 2013 Oscars®. Before you apply any other makeup, smooth a primer all over your face, including your eyelids. (You can find primers created specifically for the lids, but a face primer, used sparingly, will also do the trick.)

How Rachel Roy Lives Her Best Life


Alot of people knew about Rachel Roy when it was insinuated that the elevated fight betweenn Solange Knowles and Jay-z started because of her. I have known her along time. Her beauty, her designs, I cant. Here she gives us some insight into her life and how she tries to live it in the best way possible. Continue reading

Nail Polish That Prevents You From Getting Raped


This is beyond amazing, and of course someone did think of it. People invent ridiculous products everyday and customers patronize them. Rape occurs everyday as well, why not invent something that can save lives and prevent life long trauma. Super proud of the boys that did this. I don’t know if these nail polishes respond to only a specific type of drug, however they respond to something and that’s good enough for me. See how NBC15 reports this amazing news below Continue reading

The 2nd Commandment of Long-Lasting Makeup


Thou shalt not overmoisturize.
Beautiful skin is hydrated skin, but rich moisturizer will make your makeup fade fast. The solution? Use a moisturizing mask (like Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask to Quench Skin’s Thirst, $23; Rinse it off and then apply a light moisturizer, avoiding the T-zone areas that tend to get oily. Chanel celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin—who’s prepped Jodie Foster and January Jones for the red carpet this season—lets the moisturizer soak in for at least 15 minutes before applying makeup. (The same principle holds for lip balm: Allow it to penetrate for several minutes and then blot away the excess with a one-ply tissue before applying lipcolor.)

The 1st Commandment of Long-Lasting Makeup


On award-show days, actresses are in the makeup chair by noon and need to stay photo-ready until well after midnight. How do they look flawless for so long? Their makeup artists preach their gospel. I decided to share these amazing tips I found about keeping your face looking fresh with or without makeup. They are 10 tips in all, I ll share two today and the rest during the course of the week. Bring out your pen and paper and get to jotting.

Thou shalt exfoliate.
Makeup sitting on flaky skin flakes off. Use a gentle microbead scrub, or even just a washcloth, to buff away any dead cells on the surface of your skin.

The Secret to Looking Sexy Is….


Q. People are always telling me I look “cute.” How can I get a sexier, more polished style?

A: A round face and soft features are what tend to make us appear “cute” or youthful (which is why using fillers to add volume to the face is a popular anti-aging technique). So you might try giving definition to your features, suggests the very sexy, polished makeup artist Mally Roncal. Start by creating a flawless canvas with foundation and concealer; then add dimension by sweeping a rosy blush from the apples of your cheeks right up to your temples, she says. To define your eyes, have your brows shaped professionally, and, using a brow pencil a shade lighter than your haircolor, fill them in with feathery strokes. Line your upper lashes with a black liquid eyeliner; follow that with several coats of black mascara. An opaque lipstick looks more polished than a gloss; if you’re not used to wearing bold colors, choose a soft pink or light red.

Keep in mind: A hairstyle with long, sideswept bangs will emphasize the “sexy” and minimize the “cute.”

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