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What Every Southern Woman Knows About the Power of Makeup

When Tennessee native Amy Maclin moved to New York City, she discovered that “serious” women don’t wear lip gloss. But frankly, she didn’t give a damn.
By Amy Maclin


In certain essential ways, I have failed as a Southern woman. I can’t fry a chicken. I don’t own anything monogrammed. I hate football. But sweet Lord, I love makeup, as so many of my countrywomen do.

The archetypal Southern female is a champion of artifice. She thinks it’s important to make things nice, which is why she’ll keep politely chitchatting even if she’s passing a gallstone. She also likes to bend nature to her will: If God didn’t give her visible cheekbones, well, she’ll get a little powder and do him one better. As Blanche DuBois put it, “I tell what ought to be truth.”

And thus for generations, my foremothers have circled up by the light of the Dillard’s Lancôme counter to line and pat and puff. Every morning they got up, baked their faces on and went out into the world. Without mascara, said my mother, her eyes were just “two burnt holes in a sheet.”

When I was 9, I wrote the beauty editor of a popular women’s magazine—let’s call it Fatuous—and told her I’d like to have her job one day. She never wrote back, but the joke was on her: As a young woman, through happenstance and stubborn optimism, I actually landed a spot at a fashion magazine in New York City.

I wouldn’t be in the beauty department; I would be inserting and removing commas. But on my first morning I sat at my vanity, wild-eyed: What makeup would I wear? This was the late ’90s, when there had been an explosion of new lines—Laura Mercier! Bobbi Brown! Stila!—and I was drunk with possibility, like Templeton the rat at the county fair. Which blush? Which shadow? Which gloss? Finally, I chose a Nars palette called Lust for Life and, quadrant by quadrant, began art directing my face.

Oh, it is to laugh! And to weep for the naïve hick that I was, because I did not know how they rolled, the well-heeled women of the Eastern Seaboard. I shared an office (and by “office” I mean the fashion closet) with three other members of the rank and file who, unlike myself, had degrees from fancy colleges. And naked eyelashes.

Let me see if I can put it in a noncosmetic perspective, this deep divide: One of my office mates had spent her senior year writing a thesis for which she traveled to Normandy, as in France. I had spent my senior year planning my wedding, where we served cheese straws but no alcohol because of the Baptists. I did my own makeup: a trio of gray eyeshadows and a red lipstick, all by Cover Girl. I was so proud when a guest told me she thought it was a professional job. Cheap things can pass for expensive if you know how to blend properly.

Blending properly would become an obsession of mine at this sophisticated magazine with so many brainy women—none of whom had been required to take hunters’ safety classes in junior high, or wore any visible makeup. Even the beauty editors’ faces were nonchalantly bare. (Maybe this is what Coco Chanel meant by “elegance is refusal.”)

Vanity was okay, as long as it involved suffering—ordering omelets without the yolks, getting up early to hit the gym, having saline injections to shrivel one’s leg veins. But spending your lunch hour at the MAC counter, getting trussed up like an Opryland show girl? It was not done.

Even so, in this one way I could not betray my motherland. I might be in New York, the reinvention capital, but I knew some things had to be nonnegotiable. So I was in full drag when I pitched my first story, when I bought my first grown-up shoes from Agnès B., when I attended the star-studded Russian Tea Room event where Paul Rudd turned to me and asked huskily, “Could you pass the tart tray?” Tart. Sometimes I felt sheepish about my shimmering powders, and at other times I stoked a flame of defiance. Go ahead, find my mirror-finish lip gloss frivolous, I thought. You know what else is frivolous? Your “self-directed” major in Expressions of Contemporary Popular Culture!

Eventually, I transformed myself into a person who goes to France. In Paris, I stopped at a department store for some eyeliner. The saleswoman sat me down and drew on gigantic Nijinsky-style cat eyes—ridiculous and utterly unapologetic. She declared, “Vairy preety.” I believe it was her Gallic way of saying, A woman should enjoy her face. The women of Wilson County had known that all along.

Today I’m proud to be the daughter of the 1961 Mount Juliet High School fall festival queen. Pageantry! I bring it, with my face full of possibly ridiculous paint. Many would rather have the extra five minutes in the morning, and I salute them. But I take joy in creating that daily work of artifice. Because when you sit down at the mirror with your compacts and brushes, what you’re really saying is, I’m ready for the show to start.

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Does Mascara Irritate Your Eyes? Here’s Why


If you are anything like me, certain products affect your eyes. My overall skin (by skin I mean other parts of my body) is fine with anything. I can apply Aveeno after a bath, or coconut oil and still feel great and silky. But when it comes to my eyes, I am such high maintenance. From the primer, to the shadow itself and then the mascara, it has to be free of certain ingredients for me to be able to use it. Even then, I have to free my eyes from the sun after all this make up is done. I have used everything from cheapies, (covergirl and l’oreal) to highend (esteelauder and chanel). In the end the mascara that works for me is the “Benefit, they are real mascara). This is not a paid ad, it is just the product that works for me Somewhat pricey, but at least I will not be having a headache or some sort of irritation after application, and for that, I am willing to pay a few more dollars. In any case, a professional might have answered the question for us all. Her advice below;
Q: Suddenly, mascara seems to irritate my eyes. But I’m a blonde and I need it! Help!

It isn’t uncommon to have an allergic reaction to specific fragrances or pigments in mascara, says New York City optometrist Andrea Thau. Her suggestions: Try a hypoallergenic mascara and makeup remover; apply an eye makeup primer to create a barrier between the mascara and your eyelid; and avoid blue and purple shades, as they’re made with an ingredient that’s considered allergenic. And don’t forget to remove your makeup before bed!


Tonia Opia Stuns While Hosting Guests To Her Birthday Shindig At Tropical Grill Resturant In NewYork

Birthday Girl, Tonia Opia aka Lady Tee

Birthday Girl, Tonia Opia aka Lady Tee

If you weren’t at Lady Tee’s birthday this past weekend I wonder whatever else you were doing. Well, maybe you weren’t invited to the exclusive, invite only birthday party at Tropical Grill Restaurant and Lounge in Queens New york. lolol (just kidding). I was unable to attend but my peeps in New york were there to send me exclusive photos. So although you were not in attendance, you get to see some photos and cry if necessary, all thanks to me.
The diva extraordinaire hosted some of her closest friends and colleagues to an evening full of fun, laughter and plenty of love. She is dressed in a chic shear bandage black body suit, a black and white striped skirt, and some blue pumps. Talk about meshing summer with class.

Lady Tee with SussyQ

Lady Tee with SussyQ

Lady Tee and Renee

Lady Tee and Renee

More photos after the cut Continue reading

The MakeUp Show Dallas 2015

the make up

The Make Up Dallas was back this year with some amazing new make up, educators and talented make up artists. I could not attend the make up show last year due to other overlapping events, however this year, I was there with my bells and whistles. You have probably seen all my postings on social media about this. If not my instagram handle is @jennifermairo ( as well as all other social media accounts) lol.
I was fortunate enough to attend the media preview a day before the event. Bloggers had the opportunity to hear about this year’s products and how the show would be different from the year before. One of the pioneers and celebrity make up artist James Vincent was able to host us bloggers to some inside scoop. He was so open and educated on the products and founders. Fun to listen to.

blogger listening as James Vincent educated us on the products, workshops and purpose of the make up show

blogger listening as James Vincent educated us on the products, workshops and purpose of the make up show

As soon as the talk was over, I rushed over to James and gave him a big hug. He was to snuggly (if that’s a word)
James Vincent and I right after the media preview

James Vincent and I right after the media preview

After the preview, I paid my $18 valet fee (annoying0 though the contents of the goodie bag cost way more) lol, I went hope to hug on all my beauty products. From lip stains to powder and foundation to totes and pencils. It was like a child lost in a chocolate factory. I could not attend the Saturday event but surely I hurried to the Sunday one as early as 8:50 am. ( show started at 9am)

anxious shoppers and students waiting in line on Sunday

anxious shoppers and students waiting in line on Sunday

I was able to speak with the owners of Nurturing Force who described every last one of their products as well as explain their reason for partnering with the show. They wanted to give consumers access to their products and wanted to be part of a show that was more than just selling but also educating and providing career opportunities for others”. I was thrilled to have spoken to them.

owners of Nurturing Force talking to me and a customer

owners of Nurturing Force talking to me and a customer

The Make Up Forever HD Foundation was the highlight of the makeup show for me. This new product retails for $43 at Sephora and I paid $0 for it. #bloggerperks. It was also about 40% off at the make up show. You might want to mark your calender for next year’s event because I have never seen anything like it.

James Vincent answered some questions and advised us on the best summer products that fit the weather and our big Texas personalities. See the Q&A session below and make sure you check out for details for future events; Continue reading

Benefits-The Mascara After My Eye

retails for $24 (large) and $12 (small) at sephora and ulta

retails for $24 (large) and $12 (small) at sephora and ulta

The BENEFIT of using this mascara I cannot put in words. I first tried this mascara two years ago when Dallas blogger and TV personality Courtney Kerr hosted a spring fashion show at Macys Dallas Galleria. Because of the trouble I had had in the past with popular brands of mascara, I wasn’t that enthused to get this free gifted mascara. I had also never heard of the brand before. (yes call me whatever you want lol). I reluctantly picked one up from the jar(it was free) and proceeded to watch the show. Comes in four different kinds but my fave is pictures above.

I didn’t try it out until about a week when I got to Dubai. My little sister had all these make up on and I refused to be outshone. I whipped out my BENEFIT and the rest is history. Besides its ability to give you fuller, longer, thicker lashed, this mascara has the best natural ingredients AND, it does not hurt my eye one bit. I would normally get a headache or eye ache form the popular mascaras and with this, it was nothing. More so, it does not clump or clean off easily. Want to pay a little more (not as cheap as Cover Girl and L’Oreal but not as expensive as Chanel or Estee Lauder) but get the highest possible quality? BENEFIT will do right by your eye. Thank me later.

benefit BAD GIRL mascara

benefit BAD GIRL mascara

benefit ROLLER LASH mascara

benefit ROLLER LASH mascara

What Everyone Will Be Wearing This Spring

Adam Glassman, Creative Director of O, The Oprah Magazine, has a preview of which trends you need to try this spring. You’ll never guess which classic has been given a modern twist to take its style moment.

KitedFashion Caresses The Online Market With Stylish Fashion and London Fashion Week

Sporting my kitedfashion T at a lunch meeting today at Paradise Bakery in Dallas

Sporting my kitedfashion T at a lunch meeting today at Paradise Bakery in Dallas

When I say Kited Fashion is caressing the internet you better believe it. Every now and again I get emails and phone calls to review products and brands, do a “test run” and tell the world what I think. I even get paid for this sometimes lolol, truth is I never endorse any products I do not personally love.
Kited Fashion launched in November 2014 in the UK and has since had merchandise flying off the racks. Recently partnered with Nigeria’s Konga one of Africa’s largest online retail marketplaces, you better believe this is a profitable investment.

peplum fleur dress

peplum fleur dress

high low flowy summer dress

high low flowy summer dress

Kited fashion has proven how stylish pieces can be affordable and suitable for all body types. One begins to wonder what it takes to have a successful clothing line. With durability and comfortability at the hem of the brand, throw in some class, attitude and a lot of chic and you arrive at Kited Fashion. These designs have set the bar really high. Featuring in London Fashion week in February 22nd. A bonafide fashion power house in the making Kited Fashion is set to be one of the most anticipated designs of the spring. I would rather watch grass grow than give anyone my Kited fashion expressive T- I m serious.
Buy your tickets to attend the exclusive fashion show at or on the London fashion week site Like Kitedfashion LTD on Facebook and get discounts off shipping while on the page. As valentine approaches, you might want to order some outfits for your boo. Thank me later. See more designs from Kited Fashion after the cut Continue reading

Play Up These Gemstone Like a Fashion Star


These jewelry will blow your mind. From cost to design, you want to snag these up as soon as possible.


Mixit Red Stud Earrings
With fiery stones in a halo setting, these are so not your everyday studs.



Talk about winter royalty? This red ring, I can with with a white faux fur jacket. I live!!!

Red Cocktail Ring
A striking ring that brings new meaning to the phrase “cherry bomb.”



Talk about Arabian princess meets Egypt, meets dress down. These can be worn with every last outfit on the planet.

Etta Blush Stackable Rings
Matte gold makes this ring set look expensive.


My Outfits From This Past Weekend


Every now and again, I share my outfits, with you just to show how one person can dress in so many different ways and still exude confidence. That’s the stylist in me. This past weekend, I attended a casual in home shindig- left, a formal dinner at a five star restaurant- middle photo, and a baby dedication at church- right.
The first picture shows a soft color and comfy oxfords, a fun way to still stay chic while not being too dressed up. I paired the large cross earrings to add a little bit of sass to the outfit. Continue reading

3 History-Making Sidekicks to Have on Your Radar


Sixty-five of history’s most significant sidekicks are about to get their due in the whimsically illustrated new book The Who, the What, and the When

Sidekick: Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel,
Coco Chanel’s lover

Claim to Unfame: Turns out Chanel mixed business with pleasure. Capel, a wealthy Englishman, helped the designer open the Parisian hat shop that launched her career—and let her borrow his sweaters and polo shirts, sparking her gender-bending sense of style.

Sidekick: Alma Reville,
Alfred Hitchcock’s wife

Claim to Unfame: Reville worked as an assistant director on Hitchcock’s debut film, The Pleasure Garden, and cowrote two of his movies. While watching an early cut of Psycho, she was the only one who noticed actress Janet Leigh swallowing in the shower scene when she was supposed to be dead. Gulp.

Sidekick: Julia Warhola,
Andy Warhol’s mother

Claim to Unfame: A sickly child, young Andy spent weeks at a time resting in his bed—which Julia relocated near the kitchen so she could keep an eye on him—and cutting pictures out of comic books she gave him. And every day for lunch she served him a piping-hot bowl of you know what.

5 Outfits That Only Look Expensive


I always pride myself in the fact that JennsInnerSpace is not only about fashion, but also a platform for women go get inspired, build themselves and pursue their dreams. However, as a lover of fashion and self proclaimed “fashion guru”, every now and again I share some fashion business and the feedback is great. Today is one of such days. Despite your body type, age or style, these five affordable outfits can fit right into your wardrobe. Tell me what you think;

The Instant Dose of Confidence
There’s no need for a tailor with this jersey dress. It skims your curves without needing to be taken in, especially with its waist-cinching draping. Paired with these bold statement heels and understated jewelry, the style is commanding yet never over-the-top.

Draped dress, $
Cutout heels, $
Teardrop earrings, $
Bangle set, $

dress 2

The Look Street-Style Bloggers Would Envy
The secret to that art-gallery cool look? Letting one piece make the statement, like this trapeze-style crossbody bag in lipstick red. A flowy top and lightweight culottes are the perfect backdrop for this structured bag; the breezy style keeps the outfit from looking severe.

Crossbody bag, $
Slip-on sandals, $
Sleeveless top, $
Culottes, $

dress 3

The Casual-Cool Weekend Style
Looking effortlessly polished all comes down to balancing out the colors and textures that you’re wearing. The white faux-leather jacket and black camisole complement the floral-print pants, pulling the look together. Leather-like accessories (the bucket bag and slip-ons) coordinate with the jacket, but their relaxed style is the “Oh, I just threw this together” twist the outfit needs.

V-neck camisole, $
Printed pants, $65Oasis
Faux-leather jacket, $
Slip-on sneakers, $
Bucket bag, $

dress 4

The Stunning Alternative to an LBD
Steal Oprah’s September cover look with a one-piece that’s every bit as glam as it is comfortable. The simple silhouette is striking, especially when paired with accessories all in the same gold tone; they add a touch of glimmer without distracting from the true star of this outfit (you!).

Jumpsuit, $
Strappy heels, $
Collar necklace, $
Gold clutch, $

dress 5

The Ladylike Style That’s All in the Details
When it comes to wearing pastels, a few black accents make all the difference between coming off as feminine and like a human cupcake. That, combined with this outfit’s eye-catching details—pavé-studded earrings, delicate pleats—enrich the entire ensemble.

Lace sweater, $75Warehouse
Pleated skirt, $
Stud earrings, $28Chloe & Isabel
T-strap pumps, $

Edith Shuts Down Emevor With Her Attire Sleekness And Flawless Perfection At Her Traditional Wedding

First outfit (pink and red lace heaveness

First outfit (pink and red lace heaveness

When I first saw these pictures of my sister Edith at her traditional wedding, it was 5am this morning and sleep instantly became a distant memory. I had never seen anything or anyone more beautiful in my entire life- she was glowing. I m like what the hell? I woke Busta up hurriedly. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t in a trance. With the time difference between Nigeria and the U.S, of course the shingig had started, and it was true- My sister was getting married. Wow! After all she had been through in recent years, she finally met someone that knew her worth and was ready to do right by her. I shed a tear!

Les jeunes mariés

Les jeunes mariés

I was not only overjoyed by hear beauty- skin tone, outfits,smile etc. but sad that I was absent. She knows I m there in the spirit. My siblings and nephew represented the rest of the “abroad” family members who couldn’t make it. lol
Anyway, so proud of you big sis, happy to have a new big brother and yes he is lucky.
You look divine! Mazel!!! More photos of my beautiful sister-bride and a few others below Continue reading

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