Nigerian Court Sentences Man to Death for Stealing Mobile Phone & N10,000


A Nigerian court located in the South-South part of the country on Monday sentenced a man to death for allegedly stealing a mobile phone and N10,000.That is approximately $40. Oh come on! It’s almost like the more exposed every other part of the world is getting the less exposed my home country Nigeria is. I am sorry to say that but that’s how I feel. First we have the current election situation where citizens are limited to voting for the “less of two evil” options they have, now we have a person possibly dieing for stealing $40. sigh!

According to Guardian, the accused, 24-year-old Vincent Okwekwu along with two other accomplices who are at large, broke into an individual’s flat in November 2009, and robbed them of N10,000 and a mobile phone while armed with a gun and cutlass.

The owners of the flat raised an alarm during the incident and Okwekwu was arrested, but his accomplices escaped.

Okwekwu was convicted for “conspiracy to commit armed robbery, the substantive offence of armed robbery, which was reduced to a lesser offence of robbery.”

He was subsequently sentenced to death by hanging for the offence of conspiracy, and got a 21-year jail term for the other two counts.

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