Apple CEO Tim Cook officially comes out as gay saying that his sexuality is one of the ‘greatest gifts God has given me’

Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook has come out as being gay for the first time saying his sexual orientation is one of the ‘greatest gifts God has given me’.

Mr Cook, 53, said For years he had been open with many people about his sexuality, including his colleagues who realized for creativity to flourish people’s differences needed to be embraced.

He said while he had never denied his sexuality, he hadn’t publicly acknowledged it either – until now – saying his desire for privacy had been ‘holding me back’. The declaration makes Mr Cook the highest-profile business CEO to have come out as being gay.

You would think that this sort of news would show people that gays are just as normal humans as the rest of us. I just cannot get who died and made anyone god to say what sexuality, race, gender, religion etc. should be the right one. Proud of him for coming out, now he can live a free life.

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