two guys

Without even knowing the story my answer is NO. Lets see what this jennifermairo reader says
Dear Jenn, how are you? You are Nigerian right? So please answer this question the best way you can as a Nigerian not as oyinbo. I like my boyfriend’s brother, in fact we have liked each since high school and I became close to my ex just to be near him, he had a girlfriend at the time and so the opportunity never came. Somehow in spending time with my ex, we started dating. Now I am free and so is my ex’s brother. He has been spending time with me and told me on text that he likes me. I wanted to tell him for the past two weeks but was embarrassed, now he has confessed that he likes me, insinuating that we date, but I don’t know if its inappropriate if we date. But my ex has moved on, we weren’t married and never talked about it, why should i bother about that or let my happiness depend on him. I haven’t decided but wanted to see what you think. Thanks. My answer below
Thanks for your explanation hun but my answer is still NO. I am Nigerian and American and I will answer the best way I know how. Remember this is my opinion and not everyone will agree with it. Let me dive in.
So, being close to his brother to be close to him and somehow ended up getting spooned by his brother is a little tacky, not judging but how did your ex even get into the picture? That aside, thank God he spoke first and you didn’t. Keep it like that. He should never know that you ever even liked him, what does that do for you, rather than make him feel that you were dating his brother just because, and thus makes you look like a tramp. If you guys haven’t gotten to second base yet, abeg run. What will his brother think? their parents? or don’t they know you? If they don’t that goes again to show that you didn’t position yourself well in the relationship, but that’s not too bad, perhaps you guys weren’t comfortable meeting family members yet, works for some. In any case, they will soon find out that you dated their son and are now dating their other son, especially if it becomes serious. Please don’t deceive yourself by saying you have the right to live your life. It’s not always that way. We do sometimes have to put others before us. Even the brother sef way tell him brother ex say him like am, what sort of a person is he? Smells like too much trouble. What if your ex put him up to it? you have to be smart boo, stay on top of your game. It’s never a good idea to date two brothers. Friends different, but brothers? No ma’am. There are blokes everywhere abeg leave two sons of one woman before you cause a circus, more like a war in that little area where you at. Hope this helps? Cheers!